charlas abiertas

Initial Steps

After evaluating the metrics for Festival Abierto 2012, Festival Abierto began to think of a means of keeping active during the rest of the calendar year.  Charlas Abiertas was conceived, with the goal of providing free monthly lectures on a variety of scientific, cultural, and social topics.

These lectures would be categorized and promoted as lab, bio, art, and act

communications process

As soon as the initial communication design and graphic identity were elaborated, Charlas Abiertas built a website to centralize content, a Twitter account for on site reporting and periodic news, and an Instagram account for instant media creation and sharing.  Festival Abierto's Mailchimp database was used extensively as well.

A partnership was quickly struck with Ciudad del Saber to host these lectures one their campus.  LG Electronics continued their sponsorship of Festival Abierto through Charlas Abiertas, thus being able to continue their CSR efforts throughout the year.

20120830 19-01-19 20120830 Charla Abierta - Andrew Bovarnick-27.jpg

Charlas Abiertas initial visual identiy/design, social media channels, and mailing list content. (click to enlarge)

A brief video and sponsorship package were put together to attract more sponsors.  Charlas Abiertas was able to earn a grant from The Embassy of the United States of America in Panama.  This step helped secure a speaker list of academic lecturers from outside of Panama.

Fundahrte also came aboard as a partner.  Their well established connections in the arts and culture community of Panama helped broaden the range of lecturers that Charlas Abiertas could make available to its audience.

Charlas Abiertas promotional video (click to enlarge)

content management

Audiovisual assets of each lecture were collected through photos, video, and livestreaming.  Many of these assets were later used in other media campaigns for Fundación ParqueArte and Festival Abierto, sponsor reports, press kits, and internal archiving.  Below is a small sample of photos taken at different lectures, showcasing the size and scope of the project, as well as the community interaction and interest fostered.

Notable speakers:

  • Andrew Bovarnick - United Nations Development Programme
  • Elsa Yasukawa - Green Building/LEED council member
  • Scott Muller - Clinton Climate Initiative
  • Kurt Dillon - Archictect and Urban Planner, Colón restoration
  • Beatriz Schmitt - United Nations Development Programme
  • Mario Castrellon - Executive Chef at Maito/Humo
  • Vanessa Vicuña de Varela - Nutre Hogar
  • Rebecca Eisenmann - Verde y Rebelde
  • Edwina Von Gal - Azuero Earth Project
  • Adrian Benedetti - Caminando Panamá
  • Samuel Robles - Sínfonica Universitaria
  • Michele Douglas Eleta - ANCON


Complete lecture by Beatriz Schmitt (click to enlarge)