Festival Abierto 2014

PART 1 - looking back and going forward

part 2 - onsite, results, and legacy

initial steps

With two successful editions of Festival Abierto in the books and the third and final edition approaching, the Festival Abierto team felt it had created and refined a proven production process.  The road to Festival Abierto 2014 was less about growing the Festival and more about ensuring it's legacy.  That legacy was to give the audience a sense of ownership and leave them feeling that their actions, no matter how small, meant positive change for Panama.

For Festival Abierto, part of this meant finally making good on Fundación ParqueArte's newly acquired benefit of granting tax exemptions for donations.  Fundación ParqueArte could now receive donations from the public in addition to continuing corporate sponsorship.  The bulk of the lead up was devoted a fundraising campaign that would tie into Festival Abierto 2014's promotional push.  Please see "Imagina" for more details on this campaign.

IMAGINA Funraising Campaign

IMAGINA Funraising Campaign

premios victoria

Santa María University (USMA) recognized Festival Abierto in its annual Premios Victoria, a cultural awards ceremony organized and produced by its students.  Festival Abierto won their 2013 award for Innovation and were invited to attend the ceremony at the Teatro Nacional.  This was a validation of everything the team had worked toward with the project so far, and added motivation to complete the journey with Festival Abierto 2014.

archiving / website

Festivalabierto.com was reviewed for an upcoming redesign with the purpose of providing a history of the project and its accomplishments.  With the project's three year cycle coming to an end, the team felt it was important for the project to have a centralized resource for the public to learn about its legacy and history.

An interactive timeline was coded and populated with content covering as much as Festival Abierto's history thus far.


Team member profiles were also put together for people to get to know who has been behind Festival Abierto all along (as well as provide insight on the size and scope of the operation.)

Each category of participants was assigned its year(s) of participation to showcase how Festival Abierto's partnerships have influenced the growth of the project.

  • Artists
  • Musical performers
  • Sponsors
  • ONGs

Please visit festivalabierto.com for more information.

Social Media

Festival Abierto's brand recognition was firmly cemented after two successful editions.  The focus shifted from growing the audience to keeping them updated on progress, as well as redirecting them to the IMAGINA campaign.

With the familiarity of the yearly cycle involved in planning, producing, and executing Festival Abierto, content production became a matter of keeping to a regular schedule and sticking to what was proven to work.

  • Tree submission project
  • Behind the scenes content
  • Content sharing from partners/sponsors
  • Event preparation

Arbol Abierto Collective Tree Project Submissions (click to enlarge)

Behind the scenes content (click to enlarge)

Event preparation content (click to enlarge)

Sharing partner content online (click to enlarger)

As Festival Abierto grew from 2012 to 2014, so too did Instagram as a content exchange platform.  The communications team quickly jumped on the advent of Instagram video shortly before the event, and having Movistar's dedicated WiFi as part of their sponsorship program allowed for instant video to be part of onsite content as well.

@Astrosonidoespa te invita al #FA2014 #FestivalAbierto -7días!!!

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Naked Hearts te invita al #FA2014 #FestivalAbierto

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¡De noche se sigue trabajando! #FA2014 #FestivalAbierto

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Los amigos de @Adhesivo_ESA los invitan a disfrutar del #FA2014 #FestivalAbierto

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¡Este año veremos el #FA2014 desde los mejores angulos!

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Climbing like a 🐒 so you can see like a 🐦

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The team began the annual press push to start spreading the word about Festival Abierto 2014.  This was a particularly challenging year for this aspect of the production cycle, given it was an election year in Panama.  Media sponsors had less resources to extend to Festival Abierto as virtually all of the political movements in the country were buying up as much space and time as they could.

Nevertheless, the team made the most out of whatever press opportunities they could, with La Prensa and TVN onboard as they had been for all three years.

A series of 3 TV spots were made, with generous help from Occident Animation Studio.  The first spot was designed to be the bridge between the IMAGINA campaign and Festival Abierto 2014, as well as revealing the 2014 graphic identity in 3D animation.  The second spot was a continuation of the 3D animation that was teased at the end of the first one, providing the public invitation to the event, sponsor placement, and the relevant information.  Lastly, a third spot was strictly about the lineup of the musical stage at the Parque Omar Amphitheatre.

TV Spot 1 - IMAGINA + Festival Abierto 2014 tease (click to enlarge)

TV Spot 2 - Festival Abierto 2014 public invitation (click to enlarge)

TV Spot 3 - Festival Abierto 2014 musical lineup (click to enlarge)

The 2014 press conference was held at the American Trade Hotel in Panama City's Casco Viejo, once again with key attendees representing sponsors and NGOs in attendance.

In addition to the customary appearance and words by the First Lady of Panama, the Mayor of Panama City was also a speaker, as the Panama City Municipality was a new partner that year.  Festival Abierto 2014 attracted more partnerships from public institutions than either of the first two editions; the political climate of the time meant these institutions were more open to positive PR.