initial steps

Fundación ParqueArte was able to secure sponsorship and funding for Festival Abierto 2012 and Festival Abierto 2013 despite not yet possessing the tax exemption benefits of a non-profit foundation (by Panamanian law, this requires 2 years time).

Once Fundación ParqueArte was able to grant this benefit, the next step was to develop and execute a fundraising campaign to both inform Festival Abierto's audience that they too could now donate towards Fundación ParqueArte's vision and proven track record, as well as grow Festival Abierto's funding.


One of the first objectives was to simplify the goal into a call to action.

Given what had already been accomplished by Fundación ParqueArte with the previous editions of Festival Abierto, the campaign was all about asking the audience and market: what could happen if you helped out however you could?

The campaign name, mission statement, and call to action all came back to the same single word: IMAGINA

Concept animation of Imagina visual campaign process (click to enlarge)


The challenge was to emphasize the potential of donations/contribution.

To reinforce the divide between the existing landscape and what Fundación ParqueArte could do, the existing locations would be photographed and desaturated under colorful illustrations.  Issues that could be potentially tackled include:

  • Lack of sidewalk space
  • Lack of waste management infrastructure
  • Lack of cultural performances in public spaces
  • Lack of public artwork to passively interact with.
  • Lack of trees and green landscape
  • Lack of well kept community playgrounds


A series of photographs of public spaces in Panama City were taken by Alex Alba. Despite planning to alter photos in post to suit the campaign's needs, Alex was given direction to take them as plain and as drab as possible.

Original location photos by Alex Alba (click to enlarge and read more)

Once the photos were selected, the illustrations work was handled by Juan Pablo Peña of FleshyMind.  Each photograph was traced and filled to emphasize the imaginary aspect of the proposal.

Overlaid illustrations by JP Peña (click to enlarge and read more)

Once the illustrations were finished, I put them through extensive post-production to animate them in After Effects.  Images from both Festival Abierto 2012 and Festival Abierto 2013 were used in an impressionistic manner to quickly convey all that had already been achieved without having received donations from our audience base, capped off with footage of Latin Grammy Award winner Mala Rodriguez on the stage at Festival Abierto 2013.  The results were used in two separate videos.

The first video was designed for Fundación ParqueArte's fundraising mission, as well as more corporate communications (sponsor pitches, 2014 press conference, etc.) 

The second video, made in collaboration with Occident Animation Studio, was the teaser for Festival Abierto 2014, the first of three videos in a TV campaign.

Having had success with mass mailing in both Festival Abierto 2012/2013, as well as the ongoing Charlas Abiertas project, Festival Abierto's contact list was used to notify users of the campaign and instructions to donate.

Online payment systems in Panama are still catching up to the rest of the world, however.  As such, the proposed idea of sending periodic progress updates to those who donated was met with challenges from the payment provider back end, and doing so manually would have ended in reaching an untenable human resources limit.  The follow through on individual notification of progress was ultimately abandoned, but still remains a goal for future campaigns.

mass mailer campaign launch (click to enlarge and read more)